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Serving Medina County since 1988

  • Bed Edging:  Can't tell where your grass stops and your flower beds start?   Call Protouch Lawn Care and we can either give it a natural cut edge or install the block edging of your choice to define the flower beds and create a distinctive curb appeal.
  • Core Aeration: Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. We extract 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter cores of soil and deposit them on your lawn. Aeration holes are typically 2-4 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart. Core aeration is a recommended lawn care practice on compacted, heavily used turf and to control thatch buildup. Aeration is also a good idea before overseeding or fertilizing.   Fall is the perfect time to aerate!
  • Fertilizer Programs:  With our step fertilizer programs you will have a lush green, weed free lawn.
  • Gutters Cleaned: We recommend that residents near large trees have their gutters cleaned twice a year. We will remove all gutter debris (leaves, sticks etc) and make sure rain water has a clear path to your drain spout.
  • Junk Removal: Protouch Lawn Care can remove a small room of junk or a whole house full of junk with no problem.
  • Landscape Design:  Protouch Lawn Care can create a fresh look for your home if it lacks landscaping, or update an older landscape.  We can create new flower beds, install a shrub or tree, or install a whole yard of shrubs and trees.   Protouch Lawn Care can make your outdoor dreams a reality.
  • Lawn Cutting: Protouch Lawn Care can mow your commercial lawn each week. We use professional 52” and 61” cutting decks.  Our mower blades are sharpened after every 8 hours of use, giving you the best cut.  This service would include mowing, trimming and blowing clippings off all non turf areas. 
  • Mulched Clippings: We "mulch" grass clippings when we cut your lawn, which dices the clippings into tiny pieces which are then deposited back into the soil and act as a "FREE" fertilizer sending nutrients and water back into your lawn.
  • Organic Applications:  Have a dog or small children?  Ask us about our Organic Lawn Treatments!
  • Paver Design: A paver walkway would look great leading to your front door or a serenity paver oasis in the back area of your home. Fire pits and paver walls also available to make your outdoor dreams a reality. ICPI certified.
  • Plantings: We will professionally plant your new trees, bushes and flowers "The right way" with the proper size hole and a compost mixture
  • Rip-Outs: When it's time for that old tree or bush to get replaced or just pulled out, call on us to remove the whole root system and fill the hole or plant a new tree or bush.
  • Shrub/Tree Trimming:  Trimming your bushes and trees is one of the quickest ways to create curb appeal.  We recommend shrubs and trees be trimmed at least twice a year and as often as 4 times a year.   Not only do manicured shrubs and trees look great, but they also help keep bugs and pests away from your home.  Branches that touch the home will invite pests into your home. 
  • Snow/Ice Management: Protouch Lawn Care provides snow and ice management services for commercial and residential accounts.
  • Sod Installation:  Want an instant lawn?  We install can install sod to provide a beautiful thick, green lawn instantly!
  • Spreading Mulch or Decorative Stone: Mulch in your flower beds helps lock in moisture for the flowers and acts as a weed barrier as well. Decorative stone is also available as a mulch substitute we can assist you with the best product to meet you desired look.
  • Spring/Fall Clean-Ups: Protouch Lawn Care recommends a complete yard clean-up in the Spring and in the Fall. A clean-up service includes: removal of leaves in flower beds and leaves on the lawn, bushes trimmed, trees pruned, lawn freshly cut, and removal of debris.
  • Stick Edging: We will get you that crisp edge look along driveways, sidewalks and patios and keep it maintained.  We suggest stick edging once a month and maintaining the edge by trimming in between.
  • Stump Grinding/Tree Removal:  From time to time a strong wind or ice storm can damage trees in your yard, when it happens Protouch Lawn Care is ready and will take care of everything from clearing just a few limbs on a tree, to taking down a whole tree and grinding the stump away.
  • Underground Water Drainage Systems:  Have a drainage problem with your gutters?  We can install A custom designed underground drainage system to keep rain water away from your foundation and protect your investment.
  • Weed Control: Protouch Lawn Care can help get rid of those unsightly by using a chemical application to control weeds in your lawn. We offer 4 and 6 step weed control programs.  And if you are putting down fresh mulch or decorative stone...we can put down a fabric material to keep weeds from coming up in the first place.